When you need to regexp...

In order to complete the SSRank.io app, I needed to scrape the current player lists from Scoresheet.com. However, their player list pages are nearly devoid of HTML elements in the body, just huge blocks of text.

So how to pull only specific elements of a line, while keeping groups of lines separated? Regexp, of course. Treat the whole page body like a string, and manipulate away.

But that’s a complicated expression. So I turned to Regex101.com to help me build it. Using large chunks of the actual text data as my source, I was able to specify JavaScript-style regexp, and build my expression in just about an hour. Regex101 shows you the result, including matches and returned components, of your expression on the test string immediately, making it super easy to tweak as you go.

I can’t recommend the tool enough.


Working on a little something to help the good folks at the Scoresheet-Talk Yahoo Group rank players every year.


  • Node
  • Express
  • MongoDB
  • jQuery UI w/Touch Punch
  • Bootstrap

Gonna be mobile-friendly with a drag-and-drop UI. Their current implementation relies on lots of small-click-target radio buttons to rank up to 50 players at a time.

Coming soon...

Some day, this will be the home of the blog of Block Past Maple, a multi-national (domestic) multi-disciplinary (nope) massive (one-person) software conglomerate (name I use to group together my side projects)